▶ General Description
    The D328 is a dual DC/DC converter to provide the power of AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) display panel. The device integrates 80mA boost converter for OVDD, 80mA inverting converter for OVSS and 30mA positive output voltage for AVDD, all of which are suitable for battery operated products. In addition, it works in pulse skipping mode during light load condition. The enable pins allow turning off the device so reducing the current consumption to less than 0.1uA. The device includes soft start with controlled inrush current limit, thermal shutdown and short circuit protection. The digital control pin (CTRL) allows programming OVSS in digital steps. The D328 uses a novel technology enabling excellent line and load regulation.
    ▶ Features
    - A Step-up converter and an Inverting converter.
    - 2.9V to 4.5V input voltage range
    - Synchronous rectification for both DC/DC converters
    - Integrated LDO regulator for AVDD.
    - OVDD = 4.6V, high accuracy output voltage
    - Positive output voltage AVDD = 2.8V
    - ENAVDD pin for AVDD shutdown mode
    - Low quiescent current in shutdown mode
    - Programmable OVSS = -0.8V to -4.0V in 100mV steps, Default = -2.2V
    - 80mA output current for OVDD and OVSS and 30mA output current for AVDD
    - 1MHz PWM mode control switching frequency
    - Soft-start with inrush current protection
    - Short-circuit protection
    - Over-temperature protection
    - Over-current protection
    - Under voltage lockout function
    - 1.750㎜ × 1.050㎜ × 0.55㎜ WLCSP15 Package
    ▶ Application
    - Active Matrix OLED Displays
    - Wearable Device
    ▶ Typical Application